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General News

03/03/2014 The end of gu classic

Hello managers,

it has been a long time since the last update in goalunited classic. The number of active classic users keeps declining, and very few new managers register. Many of you have seen their friends come and go. What is left now can be considers and classic core. We want to thank you all for the many good years.

But sadly today we have to announce the approaching end of goalunited classic. We have to focus fully on goalunited 2014 and goalunited next. But of course we will give you some time to properly let go. This is the plan for the next months:

  • Today: Registration will be deactivated
  • April 18th 2014: End of the current season
  • April 19th 2014: Start of the last season
  • April 19th 2014: Star-Shop will be deactivated
  • June 15th 2014: No new United events can be created
  • August 15th 2014: End of the last season
  • August 16th 2014: goalunited classic will be closed and the vouchers sent out

What happens to your STARS and premium days? Each account received a free premium account until the end on August 16th 2014. With the closure of goalunited classic the remaining STARS will be sent as voucher to your registered E-Mail address. The Voucher can be used in goalunited next. If you want to delete your account before then, you will also receive a voucher to be used in goalunited 2014.

Why should I, a true classic fan play goalunited 2014?

The depth of goalunited 2014 is a lot deeper than in classic. Including:

  • The International Masters, in which you can compete with clubs all over the world
  • Merchandising, which allows you to produce memorabilia for your club
  • The complex stadium complex with many different buildings

To make the start into goalunited 2014 easier, each classic user receives a 90 day premium account plus a special goalunited pack. The pack contains important cards that can be used at different places throughout the game. You will receive the registration link by ingame-message. Every manager that redeems a classic voucher in goalunited 2014 also receives a special “classic veteran” trophy that marks you as manager of the early days.

We again want to thank you for many good years and hope to see you all in goalunited 2014.

Your goalunited team

08/07/2013 The new season is there

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the new season. Here are the important dates:

  • Saturday, August 10th: Last league match
  • Wednesday, August 14th: Cup finals
  • Friday, August 16th: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, August 17th: United Friendly
  • Sunday, August 18th: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, August 24th: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, August 28th: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the new season!

Your goalunited Team

04/11/2013 The new season is there

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the new season. Here are the important dates:

  • Saturday, April 13th: Last league match
  • Wednesday, April 17th: Cup finals
  • Friday, April 19th: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, April 20th: United Friendly
  • Sunday, April 21st: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, April 27th: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, May 1st: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the new season!

Your goalunited Team

12/13/2012 The new season is approaching

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the end of a season. Here the the dates for the next matches:

  • Saturday, December 15th: Last league match
  • Wednesday, December 19th: Cup finals
  • Friday, December 21st: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, December 22nd: United Friendly
  • Sunday, December 23rd: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, December 29th: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, January 2nd: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the fight for promotion or against delegation.

Your goalunited Team

08/20/2012 The new season is approaching

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the end of a season. Here the the dates for the next matches:

  • Wednesday, August 22th: Cup finals
  • Friday, August 24th: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, August 25th: United Friendly
  • Sunday, August 26th: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, September 1st: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, September 5th: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the fight for promotion or against delegation.

Your goalunited Team

04/20/2012 The new season is approaching

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the end of a season. Here the the dates for the next matches:

  • Wednesday, April 25th: Cup finals
  • Friday, April 27th: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, April 28th: United Friendly
  • Sunday, April 29th: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, May 5th: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, May 9th: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the fight for promotion or against delegation.

Your goalunited Team

12/19/2011 The new season is approaching

Hello Managers,

And once again it is time to prepare for the end of a season. This time the conditions are a bit more complicated as the relegation matches will take place between Christmas and New Year. Here the the dates for the next matches:

  • Saturday, December 24th: Last regular season match
  • Wednesday, December 28th: Cup finals
  • Friday, December 30th: 1st Play-off match/ United youth match
  • Saturday, December 31st: United Friendly
  • Sunday, January 1st: 2nd Play-of match
  • Saturday, January 7th: 1. Regular season match of the new season
  • Wednesday, January 11th: 1. Cup match of the new season

We wish you good luck in the fight for promotion or against delegation, a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Your goalunited Team

08/25/2011 The new season is approaching

Hello managers,

And again an exciting season is nearing its end and the playoffs are waiting. We wish you good luck for those hard matches in the fight for promotion to the higher leagues.
Here are the dates for the next matches:

  • Wednesday, August 31st: Cup finals
  • Friday, September 2nd: 1. Playoff match / United youth match
  • Saturday, September 3rd: United friendly
  • Sunday, September 4th: 2. Playoff match
  • Saturday, September 10th: 1. Match day of the new season
  • Wednesday, September 17th: 1. Cup match of the new season

Have fun
Your goalunited team

07/11/2011 Information about downtimes

Hello managers,

unfortunately the server relocation has caused a few unpredicted separate hardware issues. These issues have caused several downtimes over the course of the weekend and we apologize for the inconveniences these have caused. We have been working continuously through the weekend and have now stabilized the system and fixed all issues as possible. Unfortunately we still have to exchange one important piece of hardware. This will lead to one more downtime for a few hours, but we will perform this during the night, so it should not effect the managers too much. We will announce the time as soon as we have decided on the best day and time.

As an apology we will extend all premium accounts by one week and all players will receive 300 GU STARS for a few United matches.

Your goalunited team

05/02/2011 The dates for the season finish

Hello Managers,

Another exciting season is ready for the playoffs. We hope you all had a lot of fun again. Congratulations to all the champions and good luck to all of those that are still fighting in the play-offs. These are the relevant dates for the upcoming matches:

  • Friday May 6th: 1st playoff match / united youth match
  • Saturday May 7th: united friendly-match
  • Sunday May 8th: 2nd playoff match
  • Saturday May 14th: 1st matchday of the next season

The united matches are only for the teams without play-off matches.

Good luck for next season
your goalunited team

12/30/2010 A new season in goalunited

Hello Managers,

The 13th season of goalunited is just about over now. The last regular league match is nearing and we wish you all a lot of luck with it.

If you are playing in the play-offs you will have just one week without league match next week, and then the new season begins. Here are the relevant dates:

  • Friday Jan. 7th: 1st playoff match
  • Sunday Jan. 9th: 2nd playoff match
  • Monday Jan. 10th: End of season 13 and start of season 14
  • Saturday Jan. 15th: 1st regular season match of season 14
  • Wednesday Jan. 19th: 1st cup match of season 14
  • Saturday April 30th: Last regular league match of season 14

Good luck in season 14
your goalunited team

12/13/2010 Translators needed

Hello Managers!

We are currently looking to expand goalunited by 4 more language versions and are therefore looking for translators from our community. If you are interested, please send a message to translations@goalunited.org

Please include your nick, how long you have been playing, your age, and your language skills (translators should be native speakers)

We are looking for the following languages: Finnish Romanian Greek Czech

your goalunited team

09/30/2010 goalunited 2011 Launched!

Hello Managers!

goalunited 2011 has been launched. Go here to sign up.

Important information about new features, changes and future plans you find here.

goalunited 2010 will turn into goalunited classic. From September 29th 2010 on the classic version will be available exclusively at:

http://classic.goalunited.org and http://game.classic.goalunited.org

We wish you all lots of luck for the ongoing 2010 version and hope to see many of you also in goalunited 2011.

Your goalunited team

09/25/2010 goalunited 2010 becomes goalunited classic

Hello managers!

Soon the new version goalunited 2011 will be launched. You will receive another detailed news about this exciting topic in the next few days.

We already want to inform you now about one basic change in goalunited. The current game version goalunited 2010 will turn into goalunited classic. Most importantly this means that the game will stay the way you know it now. The classic version will receive small updates at irregular intervals, but the character of the classic version will not change.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you pay attention to the following: The availability of goalunited classic will change, as the urls you are used to will link to the new goalunited 2011 version.

The following game url has been added now and will be exclusive from the 29th of September:

The game client will be available at

The forum at: http://forum.classic.goalunited.org

The wiki at: http://wiki.classic.goalunited.org

We recommend that you bookmark those new urls right away. All information about changes, new features and outlooks for the further development of gu 2011 will be given in the next news that will be send out at the time of the release.

your goalunited team

09/24/2010 Looking for Spanish and Portuguese admins

We are currently looking for one admin each for the Spanish and Portuguese markets as home-based part-time jobs.

As admin you would be the connection between northworks (developer),Travian Games (publisher) and the community.

Your responsibilities:

  • Establishment and management of the support team for forum and ticket support
  • Maintenance of the game translations
  • Game administration of your market


  • Spanish or Portuguese should be your native tongue or comparable
  • Very good spelling and grammar skills
  • Good English skills (German language skills would be good, but are not required)
  • Good knowledge of goalunited
  • The ability to work independent and self-sufficient

Please send a short application with all applicable information to admin.applications@northworks.de

09/06/2010 In each end, there is also a beginning

Hello managers,

the 12th goalunited season is nearing its end. The last matches of the regular season have been played, the cup winners, league champions (Congratulations to you all) and relegated teams have been decided. And the transfer market offers many interesting players again.

If your team has not made it into the play-offs, the new season will begin after just one weekend without regular season matches. There are no changes in the 13th goalunited season - but the two English weeks with additional matches being played on a Wednesday will be back; the season will have the usual length again.

  • Friday 10.9. : first play-off match
  • Sunday 12.9. : second play-off match
  • Monday 13.9. : end of season 12 and start of the season 13 *
  • Saturday 18.9.: first regular league match
  • Wednesday 22.9. : first national cup match of season 13

* = during the course of this day all missing premiums are credited, promotions and relegations are executed, the new leagues are created and the match schedule is determined.

Have fun in the 13th goalunited season,
your goalunited-team

PS: in some countries GU2011 will be launched at the end of september, including all of the announced features which were announced and many more, for example an all new Stadium complex. All the details will be published shortly before the launch of the game. At it will be a completely independent game, each user who want to try it has to create a new account and start with a new club.

08/03/2010 goalunited 2011 : 4th Announcement

Hello Managers,

as our first three announces for GU_2011 have caused a whirl of excitement, we have taken the time to analyze the different reactions from our international community.
A lot of players fear that too much will change in goalunited. And we have not even announced all of the new, gameplay changing features. Those include as an example a so far unannounced trading-card-feature that will allow managers to perform the half time directions. So GU_2011 will not only get a pretty stadium, fewer skills and the need to log in more often, the game experience will change considerably. We have therefore looked back at all the possible ways to implement GU_2011.

And all of our veteran manager’s can heave a sigh of relief right now. Everything will stay as it is and the announced features will not be implemented for the current goalunited. Instead, goalunited will keep running in the current state, it will keep receiving balancing and optimisation updates and it will stay possible to sign up for the current goalunited.

All of the managers that have been looking forward to the update can of course still do that, because we have decided to launch GU_2011 as individual game that runs parallel to the current version. With this it will be possible for us to keep the unique character of goalunited for all of our fans, but to still go down a new path and to offer a different kind of gameplay.

Every user will be able to manage his club in the current goalunited, as well as a club in the new GU_2011, as they will be truly individual games with a different orientation. In GU_2011 all of the announced features will be implemented, and several more that will be announced shortly before the launch.

The transfer of a goalunited club to GU_2011 will not be possible - for gameplay reasons. As all players in GU_2011 will start with a fresh new club, everyone will have the same chances to prove themselves as good managers. Those managers that want to permanently switch to GU_2011 will be able to transfer their Stars there.

We want to apologize for the created confusion, but we believe that we now have found a fair solution to keep the good old goalunited, and to offer the fresh concept of GU_2011 at the same time.

We hope you will keep having fun with goalunited!
Your goalunited team

06/24/2010 goalunited 2011 : 3rd Announcement

Hello Managers,

we have even more improvements for goalunited 2011 for you. Parts of them are ideas from our community, parts are our own. As operator of goalunited we clearly feel the necessity for those changes. It is our goal to provide a game that fascinates a large number of players. Until now it is clear that the startup provides too many obstacles for many of our new managers. Because of this we will for one make a few of the early steps easier, and we will also guide new managers through them better. We also see the need to connect new and established managers more to the game; therefore we will soon offer a lot more reasons to log in during a week.

The long-term players that love goalunited just the way it is will see this all a bit critical because of some of the changes (or they have done so already ). We ask especially those players to understand our motives - and also to put some trust in us; that we are trying to create an even better game for more players to share it with. Some of the new feature will lead to a new game feeling.

One of the features that we have been asked for repeatedly by the community is the introduction of a Career and Achievement system. This will finally come. This system will be closely intertwined with the game, so some of the features will only become available when a certain manager level is reached. As examples, this will affect the youth work, credit limit, the maximum available stadium size, …
For goalunited 2011 this system will not be fully completed, a lot more features will follow afterwards, but are already fully calculated into the development plan. Also, nobody has to be afraid that anything will be lost due to this - those that already have the biggest stadium or the highest credit limit will not lose those.
With the career system we also want to make the start-up easier for new players by sending them through the first steps with concrete tasks to perform. But also for all other players the daily routine will get some more excitement from the varying tasks and goals. One main goal of this new feature is to keep the motivation of the players up even after years of managing a team.

In goalunited 2011 it will be possible to react to the course of a match. Managers can trigger actions during half-time, like changing the tactic or engagement. Those actions can already be set up when setting the formation. Or - and this will come as a surprise to many of you, as it changes the game dynamics - those actions can also be triggered while the match is being watched in the live ticker to change the course of the game in the second half.
In the second step it will then finally be possible to substitute players during the match. This is probably one of the most requested features from all of our communities.
We are happy that we are able to implement new features that give a lot of new tactical options to the managers but which at the same time enhance the “live-experience” significantly.

To make the early gaming experience a bit easier, we have decided to merge the skills passing, technique and tackling with the main skills. Field players will have four skills then, “defensive play”, “midfield play”, “wing play” and “offensive play” (the names might still change). These changes should make it a lot easier for all players to see how well a player is suited on each position.
The formulas will be made public before the update to let managers easily understand the changes. Until then there is no need to change anything in the training, all skills will be calculated into the new skills, so nothing will be lost.
This change will be done simply to make things less complicated. However, our main goal in the planning is to keep as much of the game's depth as possible, if possible all of course. Dedicated players will keep lots of optimisation options to keep an edge over other players.

Even with the faster game play we will not change the durations of the player contracts with the update. Changes later on are of course possible, but those would be announced with due notice. Details about the new training will be given in the next announcement.

Enjoy the World Cup,
Your goalunited team

06/11/2010 WTS will start today

95.806 teams are registered for our large goalunited World Tournament Series (WTS). So we came very close to our goal of more than 100.000 teams - but nevertheless it is a remarkable number of managers that do participate in the largest event goalunited ever had!

We hope that all participants of the three tournaments (groups C and D have been united, so that there are not too many byes) will have fun!
And don't forget: the first match will take place tonight at 8pm already - and the first two teams of each sub-group will advance to the final phase.

It's your game!

06/02/2010 goalunited Club World Cup

The Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa will be kicked-off soon, and we are sure that you all are looking forward to it, as we do. We wanted to use this occasion to present a large international tournament to you. Unfortunately we had to face the fact that we are not able to implement our plans in the upcoming weeks.

So, instead of investing our time into an infrequent event, we decided to intensify the development of goalunited 2011. But we won't leave you with nothing. We will let you test the all new developed United Tournament for free. All clubs of all goalunited countries will have the chance to registrate for this tournament.

We will create four tournaments and each will have place for 32.768 attendees - so in total more than 130.000 clubs can participate!

The tournaments will consist out of a group phase, in which four teams per group will fight for the qualification to the K.O. matches. The two best clubs of each group will advance and face up to 14 exciting matches.
Naturally the tournament will be played in United mode without handicap, so nobody has to worry about the freshness of his players or about injuries.

The registration phase will start today, the 2nd of June and will end Friday the 11th at 12:00 CET. The same day the first match of the group phase will be held - both in goalunited and in South Africa!
The last matches will take place on the same day the final of the real World Cup will be played. And the winners will get a very special trophy as goalunited club world cup champions!

Good luck,
Your goalunited team

05/31/2010 goalunited 2011 : 2nd Announcement

Hello Managers,

as promised we will serve you more information about the planned innovations now and in the upcoming weeks.
The 1st announcement already cause some stir and triggered some positive reactions. Though it also caused some questions that we will answer - if not in this news than in a later one.

While the new relegations system was adopted very good, the perspective of two league matches each week does not please every manager (while others already are sure that the new rhythm is what they are looking for). We do take the concerns of this group seriously. Though we will carry on with the concept we planned and hope that all managers give the changes a chance (and do figure out hopefully that goalunited 2011 will be at least as much fun for them as goalunited 2010 already is).

Some open questions should be mentioned here - details will follow in some later anouncement.

  • Every player will celebrate his birthday once a season. The players will age a bit faster in real-time, but they also will be able to collect experience in more matches in the same time.
  • The training will be worked over thoroughly for goalunited 2011. This won't stop at it's effectiveness (which most possibly will be a bit higher for each week, but a bit lower for each season when compared to today). The massive changes to the training will be published and explained in detail in a future news together will all the adjustments that will be made to values like freshness and experience.
  • Youth observations will still be possible before each league match - the doubled number of observations might be reflected in the price for youth promotions.
  • The length of the staff training will be reduced to 10 days, so that as many employees might be trained in one season as before.
  • The Cup will be played in 12 or 14 rounds as yet - those will fit into the 12 weeks long season.
  • Playoffs will be held in the 12th week of the season with two match-days
  • As already announced, the income through sponsors, home matches and bonuses will have to be adjusted due to the changes.

The arena will be overhauled for goalunited 2011 completely. There won't be new graphics only, it will also be possible to build seats and terraces, floodlights, a roofing or better turf separately. The exact size of the arena won't be displayed as a number only, but it will be represented through the graphical presentation also!

As you can see on the screenshots, you will be able to build the stands one by one, without the need to expand or replace the arena as a whole. With an expansion alternative graphics will be available and it will be possible to dye the single parts of the arena with your favorite colour.

As there won't be 'the' large arena with 50.000 seats (e.g.) in future, but different ways to build an arena with 50.000 seats and comparable comfort, a conversion of the actual arenas into the new system has to be done. Moreover the new time schedule will lead to nearly twice as much home matches. Hence through the conversion the size of all arenas will be adjusted down somewhat - but no one has to be afraid to lose too much in comparison with his direct competitors.

Some managers will now ask themselves, if they should expand their arena before or after the goalunited 2011 update. This questions can not be answered in general. If the expansion is the right thing for the development of your club, than go ahead. But more fun will be the expansion of the arena in goalunited 2011! ;-)

Look forward to the next announcement!
Your goalunited team

05/19/2010 goalunited 2011 : 1st Announcement

Hello Managers,

as many of you will have noticed, we did not manage to implement all the features we proclaimed last season. That happend because we had to work on necessary structural changes of goalunited. Those changes did cost much more time than expected - and you as the users can't even see that anything has changed. The only visible change for you is the new shop, that got created in cooperation with our payment partner Travian Games.
But postponed is not abandoned! Shortly the first United Tournament will start (an United Event starting with a group phase and finishing with KO-matches).

goalunited 2011

The next version of goalunited will finally bring extensive changes and new features into the game. We are going to present you those bit by bit, although it is not sure, if goalunited 2011 will have it's kick-off in September already, or in the season break thereafter.

League System

  • The leagues will grow from 10 to 12 teams each league! The transition will bring additional promotions (by ranking) one-time, to fill the new slots.
  • The enlargened leagues will allow for a change in the promotion system. From goalunited 2011 on, all league champions will promote directly, without playoff matches!
  • Four teams of each league will have to relegate directly.
  • As the runner-ups should retain a chance for promotion, four teams finishing as 2nd and two teams finishing as 7th and 8th of the upper layer, will battle in playoffs for the two slots of the upper layer.
  • The teams on the positions 3 to 6 therefore will hold their league.
  • The layers 7 and below continue not having playoffs, but they will have four direct promotions and four direct relegations (teams on positions 5 to 8 will hold their league).

Matches each Week

  • The mid-week league-matches - that were cancel for this season as an exception - will come back. But not twice a season, but every week will have a weekend and a mid-week league match!
  • Additionally each week will have a cup match.
  • That is to say that in goalunited 2011 there will be three regular matches each week. This will lead to further adjustments (e.g. loss of freshness, gain of experience, visitor income, sponsor payments…)
  • The seasons will take 12 weeks in that rhythm, so in future one real year will have four goalunited seasons.

For the running season the wish for more substantial championship and promotion bonuses will come true. The details are listed in a table in the → Wiki.

We are sure that the changes comply with repeatedly expressed suggestion and wishes of our international community. In the following weeks and month we will publish further innovations.

Stay tuned,
Your goalunited team

05/03/2010 Corrections of Dates

We have to correct a little flaw that sneaked itself into the schedule:
this Wednesday will not see the '1st Cup round of the new Season' - instead it will see the 'Drawing of the 1st Cup round of the new Season'. So the first cup match will be next week, after the first league match.

That should not be surprising, as it has been like that before. But another change might surprise you: this season there will be no league matches during the week. This is the first time the the two league matches on Wednesday (or Thursday) will not take place. Therefore the season will be 2 weeks longer than the seasons before.

As the sponsor offers have been adjusted for this season, you will receive an exceptional additional sponsor offer this Thursday.

As you read this message, the update of the new season should have taken place. All teams should have received the freshness bonus, the team spirits should have been set back to 50 and the staff should be ready for further trainings.

Have fun,
Your goalunited team

04/30/2010 Finish of Season 11

The 11th season of goalunited is in it's final stage. The champions and relegates were determined. Only the play-offs that decide about promotions are still ahead.
The bonuses for championship, top-goalscorer and youth team champion were already credited. The promotion bonuses will follow next week.

Following, the exact time schedule:

  • Friday, 30th April: 1st Playoff match
  • Saturday, 1st May: United Friendly (United match for everybody - no freshness will be lost)
  • Sunday, 2nd May: 2nd Playoff match
  • Monday, 3rd May: calculation of new Leagues, start of Season 12
  • Wednesday, 5th May: Drawing of 1st Cup round of new Season
  • Saturday, 8th May: 1st League match of Season 12
  • Sunday, 9th May: 1st League match for countries that play on Sundays

Next season won't bring many new features, as we are already working on a larger new release of goalunited, which will be published by the end of the year (or maybe in September already). Though the upcoming season should finally bring the United Tournaments and the strength filter for 1-on-1 matches.

Some adjustments will also be carried out, like announced. Teams composed with a great variety of player personalities will benefit from next season on. A new rule will be implemented in the way that teams with 5 or less different personalities on the field will experience a malus on their playing strength. We gave you some extra time to restructure your teams before implementing this rule, so nobody should have a problem with it now. It will be in effect from the first match of season 12 on.

The bonus payments for championship and promotion will rise significantly, as the other bonuses will as well. The sponsor payments will also rise, as pledged when the rise of the player wages was annouced.

Good luck!
Your goalunited team

04/15/2010 A little gift for your patience

As goalunited and ballersunited were only partially reachable on April 12th, we would like to offer a prolongation of all Premium Accounts for two days as a token to thank you for your patience. All Premium Accounts which were active till at least April the 12th 0:00 will get a prolongation of two days on their total premium time. The changes will be made later today.

Your northworks Team

04/06/2010 Bye bye GICs

As announced in the news of the 03rd of March 2010, we will introduce a new straightforward shop on the 12th of April offering many new payment methods, rename the GICs and separate the GIC-accounts of ballersunited and goalunited.

As all fees in the games stay the same, it goes without saying that GICs will be exchanged at the rate of 1:1 into the new in-game-currencies BU Stars and GU Stars.

All managers that play a club each in both games, have to decide till May 12th how to split their Stars between the games. An easy dialog will guide them (and only them) through this process. As long as the Stars were not split, they can not be used.
The split is a one-time action - at future purchases the Stars will be credited to the according game account.

Not only the look of the shop will change, but also the structure behind - and as we are about to reform our support structure, to improve the way we handle inquiries - it is necessary one-time that every user sets (or confirms) the language he wants to play in, and depending on it the country he lives in (or if this is not available, he may pick a country his language is spoken in).
The language and the country picked in this step, can not be changed later! Pay attention to make correct settings.
For your club nothing will change - also in the game everything stays as it is (beside you decide to choose a different language).

From Monday 12th of April the new shop will be online and offer Stars exclusively (Premium Accounts can be activated in the game with Stars by then, Vouchers won't be available until further notice).

Kind Regards,
Your northworks team

03/03/2010 New Shopping Experience

Beginning of April the present shop will be switched off - and the new shop switched on. The reason for this transition is the change to a new payment system, which will offer managers in numerous countries many new payment mehthods (e.g. SMS-Payment). Some familiar payment methods might not be available anymore, however the alternatives will be plentiful.

The new shop will open as a Pop-Up in a separate window - and it will be very clear and easy to use.

With the introduction of the new shop, some changes will occur:

  • only GICs will be offered in the shop
  • Premium Accounts can be acquired for GICs in the game itself
  • for an indefinite time no Vouchers can be offered
  • previously bought Vouchers can be redeemed in the game itself

In case you would like to donate a Voucher to someone, you can acquire it until the end of March on the website or in the shop.

Furthermore, GICs won't be pooled for Ballersunited and goalunited in future - and they will be renamed in the course of this change. Details relating to this process will be published in time.

02/19/2010 Filter- and Strength-Display

Due to many wishes out of the community, the United Lounge already received a little extension. Since a few days it is possible to display the exact requirements of an event. You have to switch the function “Highlight filter” on, to mark all events that use filter settings your team complies to in green and all events that use filter setting that your team does not match in red.
On the page of the event's details a click on the “red X” or the “green checkmark” besides “Filter” will display the set requirements.

Just some days after that, a new information was added to the formation view: the overall strength of the starting players.
It should be easier now to adept to weaker opponents, or to estimate the effect of a rotation. As this is so comfortable, it is a Premium Feature.

Another little helper will display, which deductions are effecting the sales value (SV) of a player. Besides a graphical eye-catcher (red warning triangle) the full calculation can be displayed.

In march some more small feature will follow to polish our favorite game even more! Your goalunited team

02/01/2010 United Lounge GIC Special

We celebrate the introduction of the United Lounge with a special offer:
all February long the GICs XL package will wait for enthusiastic goalunited managers to buy it. Instead of 20 € the package with 8600 GICs will cost 15 € only - Premium Pro User will receive 9460 GICs for the same money!

The United Lounge arranges many existing functions much more clearly and adds several additional options. You will be able to set the long awaited restrictions for participation. If you create an event and would like only teams in it with a maximum strength, you can choose a filter to force that! Observing events you are not participating in, will be easily possible for Premium Pro User.

As with the introduction of the United Lounge the restriction to two simultaneous United Events with one match each week does fall away completely - in theory an unlimited number of matches would be possible - a solution for existing Premium Classic User had to be found. They will receive a generous one-time GIC-credit (1200 GICs for each full month of maturity), their accounts will be converted to Premium Pro Accounts (so they will be able to use all the new Premium Features), but therefore have to pay for United Event like all other players (but we credit them more GICs for the maturity, than thay could have spend in the old system).

More details about the United Lounge can be found in the manual!

So that all managers are able to head into the new United Events, we will credit every club 150 GICs. Have fun!
Your goalunited Team

PS: soon Tournaments will be available besides Cups an Leagues. And the strength filter for 1-on-1 matches is on the way as well.

01/08/2010 Just before the start of the season

Season 11 is about to begin and there will be some small changes, as always. There won't be any surprises, as all changes were announced last year already.

Today the first sponsor offer of the new season came in and as you may have noticed, it is a bit higher then last year's offers. 'Normal' negotiations will lead to success more often - in particular in combination with a skilled PR-Manager - though the maximum potential rise was cut down in exchange.
'Aggressive' negotiations were adjusted also - but have a look yourself (if you love to gamble)!
Please note that existing sponsor offers will be negotiated under the new conditions as well.

Dilligent players will regenerate their freshness better than in the last season.

Other announced changes will be implemented and highlighted in short news also.

Good luck for the new season! Your goalunited development team

PS: in the last days you still could feel the aftermath of the hardware failure. The game did run a bit slower at times and some services were temporary not available. We would like to apologize for this again. Over the weekend the new hardware will be put into operation and set up.

01/07/2010 PS3 Slim drawing

Tomorrow (Friday) at 8 pm (german time) the drawing of the winner of the Playstation 3 Slim will be shown in the monitor. All champions of season 10 are in the drawing.

Good luck!

01/04/2010 Season-Finish

Due to the hardware issues we experience right now, we don't work with full performance, so the process of the season finish (including promotions and relegations and payout of bonuses) and the start of the new season (including the new fixtures) might take longer than usually. We expect this to be done in the course of Tuesday.

The first league match will be held on the 9th and the first round of the national cup will be held on the 13th of January.

There might be some more delays in the upcoming days. Today the daily update took much longer than usually (we had to switch off the statistics to speed the process up, so some statistics like “difference to previous week” are not up-to-date - which we try to fix later this week if possible).
Bought players of the transfer market might need some hours to arrive at their clubs - but they will arrive, so don't panic ;-)
Some United updates were late (like United-League standings) but all will be processed and nothing will be lost. All United-Cup matches of tonight were moved to tuesday 15:00 (german time).

Please excuse if some updates arrive late and some dates get moved - by the end of the week everything should be back to normal.

12/24/2009 Happy Holidays!

We wish all of you a merry Christmas (or at least some relaxed holidays)!

For some diversion, each account was credited with 200 GICs (as promised last week already). With this little Christmas present you can play two 1-on-1 games.

Have fun with them and at new year's eve! Your goalunited development team

12/21/2009 goalunited update 2010

A new year and a new goalunited season are about to begin soon. As usual, the season transition brings a few smaller changes - the bigger features will be released some time after the start of the new season, but for more info regarding this, read on!

First of all, we are happy to inform you that our new setup of the server configuration is complete. This task caused occasional delays, but we are glad that we could resolve them without a downtime, keeping goalunited online the whole time …until this thursday :-( Most of you probably did not notice that we had to operate with about 20% of the available servers for some time, while some of you experienced delays with daily updates or the live ticker - we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it caused. With the integration of some new hardware, this should be a thing of the past.

The extensive visual overhaul we were aiming for had to be postponed, but we can present to you an extensive revision of the popular United-Features! In the new 'United-Lounge' it will be much easier to search, create, edit and watch (*new*) Leagues, Cups or Tournaments (*new*)!
Tournaments will be alike to the Championsleague or a World-Cup, with a preliminary round and knockout-system afterwards. The knockout-rounds will, just like in the normal cups, be visualized with an advanced cup tree (*new*). This will make it possible to display more than 16 teams at the same time.
Additionally, it will be possible for managers to follow United-Events without participating in them, making it possible to cross your fingers for fellow managers in the event!
Due to the greater number of United-Events, you will be able to choose the playing schedule more flexible. Each weekday it will be possible to play several United-Events - a whole Tournament could be completed within a few days!
When creating an United-Event, from the coming season on you will be able to set up terms and conditions for participation (*new*) - for example, you may only allow teams not exceeding a determined maximum strength.
The 'United-Lounge' will not be completed by season's start, but will be integrated in goalunited as soon as it is finished - now that you know of it, you can already look forward to it!

As announced, starting with the upcoming season, teams that are set up very balanced will be rewarded compared to one-sided teams. Every team needs those special guys, but you also need balancing personalities. Strengths could complement each other this way, weaknesses be made up. Teams playing a match with only five or less different personalities on the pitch, will experience a malus during those games (which will range between small and decisive depending on the number of different personalities).
The restrictions concerning leadership ability and introvert characters will then be dropped.

As also announced, we observed the freshness-development of dilligent players and came to the conculsion, that they are a fair bit too far behind with their colleagues when they are part of your starting eleven. Instead of regenerating 70%-80% of regular players, they will reach 85%-90% from the coming season on. This can still mean to keep them out of the line up or trainnig from time to time, but you should be able to compensate this with a bit of planning.

We also recognized your feedback regarding sponsor negotiations and adressed it accordingly. Successful negotiations will be more likely from the coming season on - while the maximum achievable gain will be reduced. The incoming offers will be raised a bit, while the PR manager will have a more recognizable influence on negotiations. This should be of benefit to most managers.
'Agressive' negotiations will still be most thrilling, allowing more gain with a risk of high dropoffs when failing.
The division-dependant differences in starting offers will be slightly adjusted. From division 7 upwards, sponsor offers will rise by about 20% from division to division. This will especially be noticeable for the divisions 7 and lower, who will then get lesser offers than teams of division 6.

Some smaller features are also in development, but we will present them at the start of the new season respectively when they are ready for implementation.

We wish all managers a season finish full of tension and excitement! Your goalunited development team

Announcement of upcoming changes:

The weekly wage of player contracts, which are signed or renegotiated after February 1st, 2010, will be based on the formula MV/250 (instead of MV/300). Because this will lead to slowly rising player wages, sponsor offers will be increased from May on. It is also planned to double championship bonuses and quadruple the promotion bonuses.

10/16/2009 Personality Changes and TM

Apart from the youth system, some more things where changed in the last week.

Diligent players and regeneration of freshness

The regeneration of freshness of diligent players has been refactored because it turned out to be less than perfect. From now on, diligent players will regenerate about 70%-80% of freshness in relation to other players. We will observe how this handicap will influence the players and eventually re-adjust it.
Nevertheless, it could be necessary to give diligent starters a break once in a while - in particular in weeks with double engagement (league and cup).

Furthermore there will be an alteration concerning the personalities: teams composed too onesided, will receive a malus in matches. It will likely be implemented in the way that teams with less then 6 different personalities on the field will experience a malus on their playing strength. This change will come into effect with the start of next season!

Therefore the rule that more than 3 introvert players or more than 3 players with leadership ability do result in a malus will be dropped.

Form and ambitious players

As stated before, the development of the form now does depend on the experience of the player. Nothing changed for players with maximum experience, but players with less, are more likely to have a lower form on average. There is nothing to worry about, if your players did loose some points of form, but keep that factor in mind, when analyzing your matches.

The form of ambitious players was hit hard with season break. The calculation got corrected, but we were still not satisfied, as we felt that low experience should not have such an impact on the form of ambitious players. We re-balanced this part, so that the form of most ambitious players will rise in the next couple of weeks - if they play as starters.


So far the search for players on the transfer market was only successfull for one postion per player (the one with the best position experience). This restriction was decided, as the the search for players is very greedy for computing time.

All players trained on multiple positions, can now be found under up to three different positions (in case they are trained on more than three positions, the three positions with the best position experience are chosen). This is true for the simple and the advanced search. But the improved search results will only be available for premium members - nothing will change for free account users.

Due to the increased server load, the improved search will stay under observation. We might decide to switch this feature off again, if it's costs are too high.

Have fun,
Your goalunited development team

10/09/2009 Youth System improved

The youth system of goalunited got improved with the update to version 2009.III and it got refined again this week. We are aiming to improve the avarage success of the youth system.

All clubs (in partcular the 'smaller') are adviced to observe at least one or two players per week. This became even more affordable this week and should pay off in long-term always! Moreover it is advisable not to draw the players in the moment all their values are uncovered, but to enhance some of their values through selective hiding and observing. The youth players will benefit from training during that time - from now on it is as effective as the training of the pro team!

Details regarding the youth system can be found in the manual!

All changes to the youth system:

  • the youth coach does not influence the detection of the potential any more
  • on the first disclosure the skills will reveal about 60% of their potential on average (variations to the upper and lower end are lesser than before)
  • each disclosure of a skill that was actively hidden before, now has a much better chance to reveal a higher value than before
  • changes through hiding and disclosing values will in generall be more significant than before
  • the training got more effective than before (now as effective as for the pro squad)
  • the nominated players will gain experience with every match (about 1/3 per macht)
  • now there is the chance to observe up to 10 values - values of max. 5 players and max. 2 values per player will be disclosed
  • there is no chance anymore to accidentially observe players that already have all values disclosed
  • players of your own youth team will now ask for significantly less salary in their first contracts as other players

10/01/2009 Friendly Challenges improved

Starting next week, friendly-suggestions will be able to be filtered by country.

Suggestions will then display teams who do not yet have a friendly appointment for the upcoming friendly matchday (and also have no cup match), are from the selected country, and whose strength is about on level with your own. League Level will not be taken into account any more.

It may be possible (especially at the beginning of each season, when most teams are still in the cup) that you won't get suitable suggestions in a desired country. Then you have to settle for another country and maybe try again another time.

Premium Pro accounts will get the additional option 'automatically arrange friendly match'.

When this option is enabled, an automatic friendly will be arranged with another club who is also looking for one. The club can originate from any country, and similar league levels will be favoured over others. The games will be arranged either in the night from sunday to monday, from monday to tuesday, or from tuesday to wednesday. This means, you can still arrange a match in manual fashion until sunday, even if the automatic feature is enabled.

With this feature, the time-consuming search for a friendly match opponent should be simplified, while it will still be possible to challenge a specific manager via his contact page, the way you are used to.

Let the games begin,
Your goalunited development team

P.S.: If you are receiving too many friendly invitations, you may deactivate it by unselecting the option Home - Settings - Messages - 'private messages upon challenges'.
Challenges will then only be displayed in the Team - Challenges screen, where you can then accept them as well.

Hello fellow managers!

We'd like to announce that we decided to offer all managers a second chance in sponsor negotiations. Do you like the new system? Please be aware that the former league victory bonus has been changed. From now on, you'll get the amount per point. This means you'll get eighter the given amount once (draw = 1 point) or you get it tripled (victory = 3 points). The basis per week offer, however, remains as accustomed. Please keep in mind that the PR-Manager has got an reasonable impact of the negotiations.

Today you are going to find two new sponsor offers. On monday you'll find a further offer. If you got 4 offers in your sponsor overview already, please delete the one you find most poorly. After deleting the new offer will be added to the overview. We like to offer those further sponsor negotiation in order to give you the change to try out the new and find a reasonable sponsor.

We also adjusted the bonus amounts. You may feel your last offers past the sponsor system change were to low. We now did some changes within the formula. These changes should be prove advantageous for all managers. However, especially managers below league 5 shall recognize the improvement for there sponsor income. All managers descending league 6 have the same level of possible income, due to the fact that their weekly spendings are comparatively balanced.

We hope you have fun and great success with your extra negotiations.

09/10/2009 goalunited2009.III

goalunited's 10th season is about to start - and the sum of all the tweaking, tuning and balancing promises to make goalunited better than ever before. Negotiations with sponsors and applicants shine in a new bright light and bring an exciting element of tension to the game. Helpful indicators make the formations more transparent and accessible than ever - without giving away too much of the secret knowledge experienced managers gathered over the seasons.

Please note that some of the new features and values will come into full effect over the next ten days. The “Reputation” will be zero for every day before today, already existing Sponsor Offers won't be negotiable, existing applicants will stay in the list until they leave onto one of the usual ways, the effects of the re-balanced personalities will come into effect with the new season's first league match.

Team Spirit and Reputation

As usual, the Team Spirit will rise and fall with the team's victories and defeats. But from this season on, the strength of the Top 15 of both teams is set into relation with the outcome of the match. That does mean that a defeat against a stronger opponent has not such an impact, as a defeat against a weaker opponent - and vice-versa for victories. The chart will be updated on a daily basis.

The value Reputation will be visualized and daily updated in the chart Training Data. In fact this is not a new value, but it used to be hidden. The calculation got rebalanced, to put more importance on home matches. Factors influencing this value are the PR-Manager (has the same impact the Mental Coach has on team spirit) and won/lost matches (league: relation of league points to opponent's points).

Consult the wiki for more details!

Sub-Positionen and Training

In a former news it was announced that the strength malus of players playing on a position without experience on it, would be lessened. The now implemented change works with four levels of position experience.
Have a look in the wiki to read about the details!

Players with many skills will now perform better on (suitable) Sub-Positions (that are the positions close to the next quadrant). Have an eye on the absolute valuations in the newspaper (the new stars), to get a feeling for the changes done in the match engine.
In the same way the importance of the skills was re-balanced for the field positions, the training was (slightly) adjusted. That will be noticable soonest for defensive and offensive wing players.


It is worth to note that the volatility of the form of the players now is dependent on their amount of experience. That means, nothing changes for players with an experience of 100, but younger player might come out as less steady.

Sales Value

As of the 10% sales commission, the sales values won't reach the full market values any more. So, don't wait for that day to sell your players ;)

Wiki Search

To get the updated information, just use the search box of the wiki and type in:

  goalunited2009.III @manual

That will give you a list of all updated articles. Some are not finished yet, but will be delivered in the upcoming days!

Youth System

The changes done to the youth system will be explained in detail in an upcoming news in conjunction with a quick How-To for all the managers that have not realized how important and valuable investments in the youth system are for their club's prosperity.

Changes announced previously include:

  • Newspaper: absolute rating
  • Formation: new helpful indicators (Premium Pro Feature)
  • Personalities: decrease in number, rebalancing of the remaining, no 'max. three introverts'-rule for this season
  • Sponsors: new negotiaton system with chances for greater success, bonus for points instead as for victories
  • Salary: players demand more money with new contract
  • Bookings: chances increased, two bookings in the cup will lead to a ban, banned players have a decreased sales value (SV -15%)
  • Injuries: chances and max. duration (to 6 weeks) increased, injured players have a decreased sales value (SV -10% per week), Doctor less effective
  • Bruised: now up to 10 days (instead 7), malus increased slightly, risk for new injury increased considerably, Doctor much less effective
  • Staff: one application a day, two if placing an advertisement, applicants withdraw after ten days, 90+ advertisements possible, new negotiation system, Physiotherapists demand higher wage
  • Stadiums: builing costs and max. seats slightly altered, deconstruction now possible (1/2 of construction costs will be paid back), income increased for the two large stadium types, home advantage increased (more for large stadion types)
  • Live Ticker: matches of own league will be taken for the conference if no other matches were chosen (Premium Pro Feature)
  • Transfers: sales commission re-introduced (10% directly calculated into the SV), sold players will populate the watchlist (Premium Pro Feature)
  • Offspring: note that all players that originate in your own youth team, or were in your team when you started playing goalunited, will be marked with a cute little symbol

09/04/2009 More about the update


as you may have noticed the update to goalunited2009.III will change many parts of the game to some extend. The information provided here will explain some of the new or changed features in a more detailed way. Other changes will be explained in upcoming news. All changes will get into effect on update day (Wednesday 09th of September 2009).


The newspaper's relative rating of the players will be substituted by an absolute rating. The absolute rating will use it's own scale and will be displayed by stars. The performance of players in different matches will be comparable - which leads to experienced managers using that data to improve their formations. The newspaper of youth matches does not change.


When making a formation, managers will be indicated how good their players will perfom on the chosen position. This indication is intended to help new managers in particular. But taken into account that the weighting of the skills got re-balanced, experienced players also might learn from that indication. Anyway, it won't be too explicit to not give away too much of the knowledge that usually builds up with experience.

On the screenshot below you can see how the new feature will look like. The arrow can take 5 different positions and will indicate the positions that suits your player best and the ones on which he will underperform (Position-Ability). Position experience is taken into account (though the penalty for players appointed to a position they usually don't play will be half as high as it is now).

The second indicator is a bar capable of displaying five levels. It looks like the bar that used to be in the newspaper, but it works differently. It will indicate the strength of your player compared to all (up to 25) players of your team (Position-Strength). Again, this is not an exact display, but a mapping to visualize if the strongest players are put to suitable positions on the field. To use this feature, just pay attention to the length of the bars - the less you see of the black background, the better.

Both indicators can be switched on and off like the visualization of the tactics and coach influence and will be for Premium Pro Members only.



The player's personalities will be re-balanced as well. The effects of personalities will have more and generally a more positive impact than before. Therefore it got neccessary to reduce the numbers of different personalities. Players having one of the following five personalities will be switched (on update day) to a corresponding personality:

  • calm –> fair
  • neurasthenic –> introvert
  • scandalous –> spirited
  • unfair –> aggressive
  • unreliable –> inflexible

Please have a look in the wiki, to learn which effects different personalities have (it will be updated next week). Please do also note that some of the re-balanced personalities will interact more heavily with formation and tactic settings.


There will be quite a revolution in the negotiation system. As soon as new sponsor offers come in on friday after update day, you will be able to use the new system. It will allow considerable improvement of the offers (with a risk of steep decline). And it will visualize the chances you have in each round of negotiations.

As the new system will allow for considerable improvement of the starting offers, the starting offers have to be re-balanced. Therefore it won't be able to negotiate offers you received before update day. The bonus for league victories will be substituted by a bonus for each point won - in case of existing sponsor offers, the corresponding bonus will be divided by three.


Enough information for today :) Details on other topics will follow in the next days. Just one last thing, as we have the feeling that many people did not notice it yet: the in-game help system was enhanced some months ago. It now offers a mini browser with links to other topics! The information it displays is extracted right form the wiki. Just have a look!

We wish you some exciting play-off matches, Your goalunited development team

08/21/2009 Update goalunited 2009.III coming soon

Hello fellow managers!

As the last matches in the season are being played, the time comes to inform you all about the changes the new season will bring. The sum of all the changes makes up to be the largest balancing update goalunited ever had. They become effective on the 9th of September 2009 (9.9.9 ;))

The youth system will undergo a deep re-balancing to make it more attractive to all clubs (smaller clubs in particular) while slowing down the process of generating millions with youth players in short-term.
The costs for observing youth players will be altered in a way that observing 1 or 2 players only will become even less expensive, while observing 4 or more players will become more expensive. Furthermore it will be possible to uncover more than 5 values at once (but be prepared to pay a hefty price).
The influence of the youth coach will be dimished for the first observation of a value - at the same time, the disclosed values won't be on the lowest end of the range anymore. Disclosing a value for a second time will be more predictable (the better the youth coach the higher the chances for a rise). With this change, smaller clubs shoud be able to uncover higher values on average as before (they still need to be a bit patient).
Experience will always be visible (only 9 values left to discover) and start with 1. For every youth match a player participates in, his experience will raise (a bit less than in a regular league match). After promotion, youth players will ask for a significantly(!) lower salary as other players. They will do so until they turn 22 or change the club.
Selling a youth player before he reaches an experience level of 15 will result in a lower revenue (his Sales Value will equal his Market Value once experience 15 is reached). (This won't apply for youth players promoted before the update.)

As many of you may have realized in the last weeks, the market values for good (and young in particular) players went up. To counter this development, the wages for new contracts will rise moderately as well. The new formula for the wage will be MV/300. Some managers might whine that they cannot afford to pay for all their players and all other expenses - but it is their job as a manager to find ways to handle their finances.
Aging players will not degenerate as vigorous as before. And old players will have a less volatile form as young players.
The characters of the players will be re-balanced - in general they will become more positive. Some characters will disappear fully. Details will follow in the upcoming weeks. Just one hint: dilligent players will not regenerate as much freshness as the do right now.

The importance of the skills on the field positions will be altered. Thus players with more secondary skills will perform better. They will also perform better on subpositions, as they do right now (if they have the right skills). With those changes the base strenght of some players may vary a bit (up or down) and so their MV might shift. Details to this subject will follow.

When making a formation, managers will be indicated, how good their players will perfom on the chosen position. This indication is intended to help new managers in particular. The penalty for players appointed to a position they usually don't play will be divided by half.

Injuries will happen a bit more often - and they will last longer. A doctor will become more important, but less effective. Details will follow.

The chance for a booking will rise a bit. Furthermore, bookings of a national cup match will be counted for the next round. And two yellow cards in the national cup will result in a ban for the player.

The newspaper's relative rating of the players will be substituted by an absolut rating. The performance of players in different matches will be comparable. Experienced managers will be able to learn from that data.

If no live-ticker matches were booked, the matches of your own league will be booked automatically.

Sold players will be listed in the watchlist of the selling club. The profits on the transfer market will be reduced a bit with the re-introduction of a sales commission.

Sponsors will also pay a bonus for each tie (more accurate: for each won point) in future - not only for victories. Furthermore they should pay out a little bit more and the negotiating system will be more attractive as well (better chances for a real rise).

The stadiums income will rise a bit as well. The smaller types will get the chance to expand to more seats, which might be more interesting than before, as the home advantage will have a deeper impact as now. - The larger stadium types will rise somewhat in price. Though managers will get the chance to re-build parts of their stadium to save money in future.

Finding new staff will be more clearly arranged. Every day your club will receive one application which will last for 10 days. A maximum of 12 applications can be collected - more applications will only be accepted when placing a job advertisment (which will run for 7 days and result in one application every day).
The impact of the staff itself will be checked and balanced.

The update to goalunited 2010 was moved to 2010.

With the start of the upcoming season we will inform you in detail about some of the more complex changes.

Yours, goalunited development team

p.s.: good luck to all the teams that are fighting to achieve this season's goals!

08/12/2009 Brand new tutorial helps starters in a playful way to learn more about the game

With today's update of goalunited the new version will help starters to get into the game much faster and easier. New managers now have the help of a tutorial system that explains the most important functionality in a playful way.

Right from the first login the club owner gets help from a assistant to complete his starting tasks. The assistant will be shown permanently at the bottom right corner and will assist you till all starting tasks are done.

Every new manager (that registers from now on) will start with the tutorial with its 5 tasks and 50,000 EUR ingame cash. For every task the manager successfully finishes he gets 50,000 EUR more. If someone finishes the task without using the help of his assistant he will get his money as well.

The starting money for your team will be, after completition of the 5 tasks, 300,000 EUR. This is the same starting money as all manager received, before we implemented the tutorial.

Good luck and a fair start to all the new managers.

Your goalunited development team

07/03/2009 Crisper, Swifter, more Informative

The homepage of goalunited got a crisper look and became more vivid! Furthermore additional information around the game became accessible directly from the starting page.

The registration of a new account is an easy two-step process now. In a first step only an email address, a managername and a password will be asked for. Within minutes a club will be generated! Not before log-in into the game, the new manager has to decide about the country he wants to play in. As soon as his club got assigned, it can be customised individually.

Beginners will be guided to a successful start through the enhanced In-Game-Help. It does take it's information directly from the new wiki and is designed to be a simple browser. Even experienced managers should be able to find some interesting information in the new In-Game-Help!

The actual enhancements are supposed to speed up and simplify the introduction of new managers.

All managers that play goalunited to play Uniteds, will be happy to hear that there are some extensions and improvements in the making!

Have fun! Yours goalunited development team

05/25/2009 1 year goalunited: What was done

As I now work more than one year for northworks as a global community manager I have the desire to give you an overview about what was changed in and about the game.

In this time period 4 seasons were played and about 14 million league matches played. In the last year there were 4.5 million transfers made on the transfer market. The version of the game changed from goalunited 2007 to goalunited 2009.II and with it 4 major updates were done as well as many small ones.

The communication about changed in and around the game is for sure very important. Therefore we always try to give you feedback about our work. Some facts about the quantity of published news. Last year 75 News were published (in german language, other languages might differ in number) as well as 148 dev-log entries. This sums up to 223 news in one year.

The bug and community idea behavior was changed from scratch on and the whole workflow did change. We did create and integrated additional tools which enable us to get informed much faster than before. Not every reported error is always a real “bug”, and most of them are only small bugs and visual problems. Now some numbers what was reported and done in this one year: 954 requests were made, 856 were bug reports and 98 community ideas. Were were able to successfully resolved (implemented or fixed) 787 issues (33 ideas and 754 bug reports). Additionally to those documented bugs and ideas there are much more bugs/ideas that were resolved right ahead without finding their way to the changelog of our tool.

The goalunited shop was established as an own project and cut loose from the game. It is now used for all northworks games, like it was done with Ballersunited. Cutting the shop loose and creating an own application makes it much more easy to integrate more payment methods. We are constantly searching for new partners to offer all our players worldwide the best service and support.

We created a new project and for all administrative tools for the game to combine them all into one big tool. Those tools were also changed and extended a lot. This should assure a faster and better support and improve the overall support of the community. But there is still lot of work in this area, but we are on it. Those tools are currently our translation tool, payment support tool, game administration, ticketing system, as well as team management for all language teams And again some values: In one year only in german and english speaking countries 2130 tickets for support- and payment requests were made and resolved.

The game is in constant growth. Some numbers about this: The amount of registered users was nearly doubled to the number of more than 1.2 million players. The average of players that log in to the game is 100.000 user and the amount of logins is close to 50 million.

A mobile version of the game was published into beta mode and currently is usable to view the liveticker live via iPhone and similar devices.

Besides the software enhancements and improvements there also is a constant growth in our hardware. This year we integrated 4 more servers in our cluster which now consists of 20 high performance servers. The forum was also moved to more powerful server as it got huge in size. Again some numbers to let you get an overview. In one year 37,307 threads as well as 1,002,030 posts were made. Additionally in one year 81,548 were active in the forum.

For the version „goalunited 2008“ the game was completely reviewed and renewed after the 2 years it was already running and therefore the performance did improved drastically. Because of these changes that were based in the very base of the game the game was taken back again into beta phase for one season.

The database currently has an average of 3000 requests per second and can easily do even more to assure the still ongoing growth of goalunited. Every day a backup with 100 GB of game data is saved. The data transfer of our game in the internet is about 15TB per month.

A huge knowledge base about the game in form of a wiki was created and went live 2 weeks ago. This will replace the manual and will be the place for tips tricks and gues for and from the community. Additionally to this new changes news and changelogs etc. are also published in there. This way all commmunity members get informed simultaneously if something changes in game and can translate the news themself if needed.

And last but not least all language versions of goalunited are now published and supported by northworks itself. This brings all user and developer closer together as one link in between now is gone. This will lead to much fast support for all of you.

Your Global Community Manager


05/12/2009 goalunited wiki online

From that moment on, the goalunited wiki is online and open to everybody. The by now most important and most extensive part is the all new manual. But that is not everything the wiki will contain: there will be many more parts, so that the wiki will become the first place when looking for any information regarding goalunited!

Parts of the wiki:

There will be places for complementary topics, covering everything from records, hints and guides, exact formulas, links to tools and and and …

You can go ahead and explore the wiki following this link:


To change the language you can use the language bar on top of the page - just click on the fitting code (e.g. 'IT' for Italian or 'PT' for Portuguese) and you will be forwared to the same page but in the language you chose.
Please notice that currently large parts of the wiki are only available in English (the reference language) and German (the mother-tongue of the developers). The translators work hard to make every part accessible in your language as well.

All parts of the wiki will be extended and enhanced bit by bit. We cannot guarantee that everything will be available in your language at one point in time. But if you would like to help the translators, please write a message to a 'mod_' in game.

It is planned to open most parts of the wiki for editors out of the community. So everybody can help to extend and enhance the wiki. Nevertheless, some parts will have a more restricted access, so the quality of the information can be assured.

And now have fun reading,

Your goalunited development team

05/12/2009 Version 2009.II changes

The new version of goalunited will have the following changes:

  • invitations to 1on1 are sent as private messages. (Invitations are sent via contact page like normal United invitations)
  • new United invitation dialog with specific details for the given event (Displays when clicked on the invitation link in the invitation mail)
  • new game infos when selecting a game in the “all games” screen. Included for example is a button to display the above metioned united-details (without the join-function of course).
  • while 1on1 is running, clicking a new 'info'-button can display above mentioned game info
  • gameforge Users can now visit and use the northworks shop
  • SMS payment for english- and german-speaking countries available

Your goalunited development team

05/11/2009 New arrangement for promotions

The season is over, the play-offs completed, the teams for promotion are determinded - congratulations to all successful teams!

Following the present mode, all promoted teams would end up in a higher league in their branch. This arrangement got criticised often by the community, as it happened that some teams always had to play against the same, stronger sides - while in other branches (supposedly) weaker opponents were playing.

That arrangement was planned for next season but we were forced to use it already. From now on all teams qualifying for promotion are sorted by ranking and distributed stochastical to the free spaces of all leagues. The described phenomenon above can be avoided through this new arrangement. In detail, the best in ranking of one layer takes all free 7th places of a higher layer - stochastically distributed, so that not all the strong teams do end up in league X.1. Afterwards the same schema is applied to fill up the other free (8th, 9th and 10th) places.

The order of the terminal ranking will be lead by the play-off winners, followed by the teams with the best league ranking and finished by the relegates of the higher layer. Last mentioned can only get promoted again (respectively sustain their layer) if there are lots on inactive clubs - and thus free places - in the higher layer. In the past (the old script) this behaviour was not implemented perfectly and thus leading to smaller flaws.

While testing the old script, there were found some more flaws, so we had to decide to switch to the new script at short term - and calculate the current season change with the new arrangement. We want to excuse explicitly to all teams that already planned their arrival in a certain league and now get taken by surprise - but there are many advantages coming into effect with the new arrangement. On our side there are the the advantages that the new system is leaner, therefore easier to maintain, fail-safer and the calculation will be much faster.

The new arrangement concerns the relegates as well. The present system of the fixed branches hence got disestablished - at short notice.

Good luck for the upcoming season!

05/05/2009 Update 2009.II

Dear community,

if you do not hear anything for some time from the developers that is overall a good sign or at least shows that we are working hard. The goalunited team proudly announces that a huge step is being made to clear an old obstacle out of the way.

One thing the community did criticise for quite some time was the old manual that did not explain the game in detail.

With the start of the new season we launch our new wiki and will open a bulging knowledgebase for all users. Currently this wiki consists of 146 articles. We hope that more articles will follow from the community. Overall the game is already explained in detail which should be a help for new but also experienced players. It's the nature of a wiki that it can be actively evolved and maintained. The manual and terms around goalunited can be fluidly completed and thus the quality and actuality can be raised a lot. The aim of this knowledgebase is to present the users all necessary informations about the game at one central point.

Beneath the manual and the explanation of terms the wiki will also consist of all news, faqs, known bugs and a roadmap of future versions and modifications. Overall this will make the wiki a comprehensive knowledgebase of goalunited.

We are still working on some parts and it can also take some time till all parts are ready. However we hope that you help us to evolve this project as you all are able to improve the quality of the wiki. After an introduction phase of a few weeks where only users with special rights are able to edit, the wiki will continously be more opened till every user can create and edit articles.

Your goalunited development team

05/04/2009 Schedule for end of season

Here is the schedule for the end of current and the upcoming season:

  • 05/02/09: Last matchday of 8th season
  • 05/08/09: First playoff-round and youth friendly match
  • 05/09/09: United-Friendly
  • 05/10/09: Second playoff-round
  • 05/11/09: End of 8th season and calculation of promoting and relegating teams
  • 05/12/09: Start of season 9
  • 05/16/09: First matchday in 9th season

Informations to the upcoming version and to changes will follow with the next news.

02/26/2009 United Update Part 2

The Update with the United Part containing the United-1on1 feature will start its testing today at 15:00 GMT+1. The new United-1on1 feature will be in test mode for today, this means you can test it the full day for free. The only thing for being able to test it is, that you are a Premium Account and do have at least 100 GICs but you won't have to pay with the GICs they are only used to check if GICs are there. Changing the feature so that there is no check for enough GICs is not possible. You will be able to test till tomorrow 12:00 GMT+1:00.

As we already announced there are some changes in the United system:

The new version features many changes to the United matches on top of introducing the United 1-on-1 matches. After every United match - no matter if it is a United-Cup or United-League match - all participating clubs will get „United-Points“. Those vary depending on the strength of the opponent and result of the match. The points received will build the United-Ranking and the new created „United-Trophy“ will grow with received points and will lighten up your contact page.

Additionally, you can play every United match in ladder mode (also called „battle“) with specific rules. If ladder matches are played as a 1on1-match there are no draws. So at 90 minutes there will be overtime and if that isn't enough a penalty shoot-out. While playing ladder matches, you can win or lose ladder points (also called „battle points“). The amount of ladder points are defined by your opponents ladder points and the result of the match. Against a higher ranked opponent, this means you still can win points when losing a close game by one goal.

All ladder points are taken into account for the ranking (ladder) and build a global goalunited ladder. As opposed to the above stated United points, you can win and also lose ladder points, and they will also reduce over time if you do not play any ladder matches.

The goalunited ladder is meant for experienced managers that want to compete in an active ranking (ladder) in addition to the normal league.


On top of the already existing United leagues and United cups we will implement United-1on1 with version 2009.1. Those will enable you to play additional matches (if there aren't any other matches simultaneously). There are three different kinds of United-1on1 matches: “Quick match”, “Manual match” and “Tell-a-friend” match. Quick and manual matches can be played in ladder or normal mode. This way you can use them as normal friendly matches, or to spice it up a bit, you can play for ladder points. 1on1 matches (excluding Tell-a-friend) have to be paid with GICs.

Additionally to this we would like to get more detailed about the changes.

Instant United-1on1 (Quick match)

This is the easiest and fastest United-1on1 match type, bacause they are ready to start within 15 minutes. It can be played in public or in private mode. A public match searches automatically for an opponent that would fit and creates a match as soon as someone is found (within 5 minutes). A private match is used with a generated 6-digit code you can send to the opponent of your choice. The countdown for the match will start as soon as your opponent enters the given code. An Instant United-1on1 match enables you to play whenever you want against whoever you want and gives you the joy of watching your team more often.

Manual United-1on1

The manual match is a fixed match where you can pick the date by yourself. You can create and manage up to 10 manual matches at a time. While creating a match you can choose the time the match starts from up to 90 minutes from creation till one week.

Manual matches are great to organize the matches you want to play yourself.

United Ranking

You will receive United-Points for every United match your are playing and you can't loose them. The more United-Points you have the bigger the United-Trophy will be that was created for that purpose on the contact page. United-Points may also be traded for some special gimmicks within the game at a later time.


The goalunited-Ladder is a ranking for ladder matches. All United-matches can be played in ladder mode (except for United-1on1 Tell-a-Friend and United Friendly). The ladder mode enables you to win ladder points but you can also loose them. Only the best can stay on top for some time, because the higher your ranking the harder it is to keep it.

The goalunited-Ladder is meant for ambitious managers that want to compete with the best besides the normal league. The earning and loosing of points will be explained in a seperate news.

Your goalunited development team

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